Budget Forklift Spreader Bar With Loadguard 3000mm

Forklift Spreader Bar is perfect for safely picking up long products such as plasterboard, roof sheeting, timber, plaster tubing etc.
Part No: EW-FFS3000-B
$2,010.00 excl GST

The EW-FFS3000-B budget forklift spreader bar with loadguard is perfect to lift extra wide or flexible loads without the risk of damaging the products such as plasterboard, roof sheeting, timber, plastic tubing etc.

The forklift spreader bar attaches to the forklift by driving the fork tines into the fork pockets then securing with the safety chain back to the forklift.

Supplied with load guard disassembled for shipping. Quick and easy bolt-on assembly required.

Forklift Spreader Bar Specifications:

  • 3000mm wide x 710mm high x 1210mm long
  • Working Load Limit (WLL) 3000kg
  • Fork Pocket Size: 160mm x 60mm
  • Pocket Centres: 872mm
  • Load Guard Height: 560mm
  • Load Centre: 600mm
  • HCG: 305mm
  • VCG: 40mm
  • Unit Weight: 255 kg
  • Painted finish in safety orange