Forklift Broom Pro

Economical and practical with a powerful sweeping action at a fraction of the cost of a mechanical sweeper.
Part No: EW-SPB-600
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Forklift Broom Pro
8 rows of tough poly bristles in a solid, rolled steel frame.


Sweep or move grain, rubbish, sand, gravel, rocks, glass, plastic, cans, metal swarf, dirt, dust, sawdust, snow and mud, leaf debris and many other materials.

Sweep materials such as plastic shrink wrap and welding wire which cannot be swept with rotary brooms or vacuum sweepers. Pre-sweep larger debris before using your mechanical sweeper. Suitable for applications in every industry including farming, agriculture, grain handling, waste, recycling, concrete, construction, demolition, landscaping, plastics, mining, sandblasting, etc

Economical and practical with a powerful sweeping action at a fraction of the cost of a mechanical sweeper.

Low maintenance:
No moving parts to break, repair or wear.
Versatile mounting for rapid and simple attachment to your forklift, loader, tractor or telehandler.
Sweeps equally well going forward or reverse.
Easy, simple cleaning with a hose or high pressure cleaner.

Features & Benefits:
- Suitable for heavy duty industrial sweeping jobs.
- Available in either 1500 mm or 1800 mm lengths to get big jobs done fast.
- Eight rows of tough polypropylene bristles.
- Solid steel frame, fully powder coated, welded bristle channels.
- Proven to cut cleaning time by more than 90%.
- Economical, practical and better than manual methods.
- A fraction of the cost of ownership and maintainence of a mechanical sweeper.
- Will sweep sand, gravel, grain, glass, sawdust, mud, light snow, rubbish, plastic shrinkwrap, wire and standing water.
- Sweeps in any direction - forward or reverse.
- Brush life estimate well over 800 km's.
- Brushes require no maintenance or servicing.
- Replacement bristles easy and quick to fit.
- Heavy duty for indoor or outdoor use.
- Integrated standard forklift mount.
- Recommended by OHS professionals

Bristle Rows8
MainframeRolled steel
BristlesHeavy gauge polypropylene
Fork HitchStandard
3 - point linkageOption
Bucket/ Grab HitchOption
Magnetic Front BarOption
Dust MopOption
Lengths1500mm & 1800mm