Storage Cages

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Mesh Storage Cage

Part No: EW-MSB-05-copy
EW-MSB-05 is a versatile transport and storage cage, ideal for production, warehousing and component storage applications.
$555.00 excl GST

Mesh Storage Cage

Part No: EW-SH2
The EW-SH2 mesh storage cage with over 2m3 of useable space is designed to suit a range of warehouse and storage uses.
$1,850.00 excl GST

Storage Cage 116cm x 198.5cm x 58cm

Part No: EW-SH3
This great zinc storage cage with 3 removable shelves is 116cm x 198.5cm x 58cm and is supplied flatpacked
$1,450.00 excl GST

Rigging Storage Cage -Assembled

Part No: EW-RSC
The EW-RSC Rigging Storage Cage is a secure storage unit designed to keep rigging equipment such as chains, slings, shackles, hooks and clamps safely stored when not in use. In Stock Perth
$1,385.00 excl GST